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    Speak Up! - View Question #535

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    Question: If someone finds unused meth in your car that isn't yours can you be charged with possession of illegal substance? Even if it is not yours?

    Answer: It depends. First you can always be charged with possession of drugs, the real question is can you be found guilty of it. In order to be found guilty, the drugs must be on you or within your immediate control. It is presumed that if the drugs are found in your car it is within your control. It will be hard to prove that someone left their drugs in your car and therefore they are not yours. So unless the person who actually own the drugs admits that they are theirs, you won't have much luck in proving the drugs are not yours when found in your car.

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    On 08/01/03
    lialea from OH said:
    Thanks for the answer/info.
    On 05/12/03
    marie from IA said:
    the reason why you were arrested is cuz you were there when it happened and thats the law dont be stupid and hang out with people that do that stuff it will hurt youand your freinds in the later run take it from me i lost my best freind to weed when he fliped his truck 6 time over ditch into a field with my ex bf in who know is a cripple and has no legs and cant breath on his own
    On 10/30/02
    Seiya from CA said:
    On 05/21/02 Kelli from AZ said: Yes you will get arrested because they won't believe you that it isn't yours. Here's a tip to avoid this situation: DON'T HANG OUT WITH TWEEKERS!!!
    On 10/01/02
    Danny from NE said:
    Yes you will be busted, how many times have the phrase "It wasn't mine, I swear!"
    On 09/12/02
    Billy W. from AL said:
    your car is your possession and if they found anything in your car that is understood to be in your possession also, even if it "isnt" yours. you will get busted regardless.
    6 thru 10 of 13 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3    

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