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    Speak Up! - View Question #536

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    Question: What will I get if I steal cigarettes?

    Answer: In Arizona, Possession of tobacco by a person under the age of 18 is an incorrigible act and you could face charges in court. There could be various penalties. STEALING is a different story. Theft or shoplifting is a crime and you could be prosecuted for committing this act. You could be ordered to jail or any other options that the judge may decide according to A.R.S. sec 13-1802, 13-1805, 8-341 and 8-201(15)

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    On 02/11/04
    Brown Eyez from AZ said:
    i think ppl who steal cigs are totally stupid because its not worth going to jail for. YA DUMB IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!
    On 01/02/04
    J-Rock from PA said:
    yea we should be able to smoke we arnt hurting anyone ,except ourselves but we can make a choice to do it or not if we cant buy we can find them. i found and full pack of marlboro lights(nasty, but it has nicotine) then like two weeks later i found a half a pack of newport 100s(best kind)
    On 11/25/03
    Steve from AZ said:
    Stealing cigs is definitely bad (because its stealing, which is actually harmful to society) but the legal age is worse (because it limits individual freedoms without anywhere near sufficient justification.) Still remember that if you steal you are stealing from a person who will be harmed by your actions. Anyway its your call, just do what you think is right and *DON'T* let the law define your morality. PS. This site is a joke. Have you seen the cartoons??? PPS. Almost all laws relating to minors are draconian insanity.
    On 09/29/03
    Kate from WI said:
    Here's the deal. We're gonna do it anyway. Whether it's illegal or not, if we want to, we can find a way! Whether it's stealing from our parents or stores or buying it at school or from older people or whatever...it's possible. I personally don't think there should be a drinking or smoaking age. If we grew up with it, and were allowed it our whole lives, it wouldn't be such a big deal to us...but if that were to happen now, we'd abuse it....but i guess we already do. I do it, she does it...i don't know one person that hasn't done it before the legal age.......
    On 07/16/03
    rob from NJ said:
    i do think that if you want to smoke, it should be your own decision. if you actually make the decision to smoke then you are obviously mature enough to understand what you are doing. as for STEALING the cigs... well yes, i think its wrong. but sometimes what else is there to do? i would like to buy some alcohol. now im 17, i know all the effects and warnings against alcohol, yet i still want to buy it for a get together. there is no way i can pull off being 21, even if i were to get a fake ID. so the only way to get this alcohol would be to steal it. yet i dont want to steal. so what am i lef
    16 thru 20 of 38 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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