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    Speak Up! - View Question #538

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    Question: I was caught with Marijuana by the police. Will my school and job find out that I am guilty of possession of marijuana?

    Answer: There is nothing in the law that requires notification of either schools or employers for conviction for possession of marijuana. If you are a minor, your criminal record won't be made public. Adult criminal convictions, however, are public record.

    An employer may require disclosure of a conviction, so if they ask, you may have to reveal that you were convicted of drugs. Also, conviction may prevent a person from getting student loans. Finally, if you are applying for school admission, there may be questions concerning criminal convictions.

    Keep in mind that the Constitution makes a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Also, you may be able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor in your case to a misdemeanor rather than a felony, which will help in the long run.

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    On 01/03/04
    Matthew from CA said:
    More often than not, drugs of any kind (alcohol included) are habit-forming and cause adverse effects to the human body. Consistent drug use over an extended period of time is likely to cause serious, even terminal illness, including (but certainly not limited to) various forms of cancer. Records of short-term use of marijuana and alcohol showed findings of impaired judgment, delayed reaction times, and, when consumed in excess (in reference to alcohol), system shock and death. Conversely, the effects of drug use leave doors open to other potentially devastating problems. People do 'out-of-
    On 11/07/03
    Christina from KS said:
    if they are allowed to give pot out to patients then why is it illegal for us. i mena if you want to smoke then dont if you do all power to you. its wrong to take away your rights. it should be your coice if you want to smoke not some dumb law or some presidents excuse for us not to have fun. pots one of the best drugs out there. they should even make drinking leagel to all heck its your life not theres. so live it to the fullest and if you want to smoke then do it.
    On 10/15/03
    Dennis from MI said:
    I do not see where the constitution grants the Congress any authority to create restrictions (laws) regarding the use of drugs. They saw that when they made alcohol illegal, thay passed a constitutional ammendment giving them that authority. Congress hasn't been granted the authority to create laws regarding drugs.
    On 08/31/03
    Kimzy from NJ said:
    I argree pot should be legal, come on who has it killed? I just got arrested for possesion i had a bowl and about a 20 or so or pot and i think its a bunch of bull that i have to go to court(maybe) for such nonsense. I can see if maybe i was driving cause i might be putting other people in harm but all i was doing was leaving a party, i didnt even drink, i knew the place was gonna get busted and im at fault. Almost everyone i know smokes or has smoked and nothings happened to them, there still all alive well, please some of the greatest musicians of all times smoked reefer. It might affect yer
    On 08/31/03
    brian from VA said:
    um its bush not busch
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