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    Speak Up! - View Question #538

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    Question: I was caught with Marijuana by the police. Will my school and job find out that I am guilty of possession of marijuana?

    Answer: There is nothing in the law that requires notification of either schools or employers for conviction for possession of marijuana. If you are a minor, your criminal record won't be made public. Adult criminal convictions, however, are public record.

    An employer may require disclosure of a conviction, so if they ask, you may have to reveal that you were convicted of drugs. Also, conviction may prevent a person from getting student loans. Finally, if you are applying for school admission, there may be questions concerning criminal convictions.

    Keep in mind that the Constitution makes a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Also, you may be able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor in your case to a misdemeanor rather than a felony, which will help in the long run.

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    On 08/20/03
    electric pooha from NJ said:
    why cant we smoke it if god put it here on the earth. weed is an expression for fun. it should be legilised for new zealanders aswell coz i all ways go there and i cant smoke it.
    On 07/27/03
    Stephen from PA said:
    Marijuan should be legal not only is it a fun recreational activity but it is not as unhealthy as some "authoritys" will have the youth population beleive, in fact the british magizine the "lancet" determend in 1997, after studing heavly marijuana smoking tribes in africa that smoking marijuana is not harmfull and if it would be legalized its other uses such as being made into rope and other products would greatly help america's economy, SO SMOKE, and know that if u do get caugh have your parents beleive that u have turned a new leaf and u are now anti-marijuana that i have found works the bes
    On 07/10/03
    hjk from ME said:
    thats full of crape if u dont like weed keep it to ur self
    On 06/02/03
    suarav from VA said:
    dont call them stupid, they made a mistake, we all make mistakes. i tthi9nk your thestupid one. at least at least shes away from drugs now.look at the present not the past. im transexual so what wasnt my fault.niethetr was it the girls fault for using drugs.she was young made a mistake and now sdhe lookin for the good life. you go girl.
    On 05/05/03
    Esmeralda from PR said:
    Are you stupid? Don't listen to this stupid gurl! She's stuid if she thinks weed should be legal! I don't think weed or alcohol, or even cigarettes shoul be legal at any age!The law is just stupid if they gonna keep cigarettes and alcohol legal. But hey!! Busch is so stupid! I doubt he's gonna do anything about this issue.Well! Don't be stupid! Stay away from drugs, they're not good for you and you shouldn't waste your time.
    26 thru 30 of 39 comments    ...6 ]  7   8    

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