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    Speak Up! - View Question #554

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    Question: Is it legal to drink in your own home if your parents condone it?

    Answer: Many people think that no child should ever be given liquor. Many people think that children should be taught to drink at home. The law hesitates to invade a home and to tell people how to raise their children. However, when things go to beans, there can be all sorts of trouble from things which would not ordinarily give trouble. E.g.: A father give a slug of beer to his children occasionally. The mother files for divorce, and tells the court and the local child protective authority about this in order to get custody and to get back at the father. The father is in a world of hurt. To see the exact law on youth and drinking go to this website: http://www.azleg.gov/ars/4/00241.htm

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    On 08/04/03
    allie from NY said:
    Yeah My mom allows me to drink at home and since she does that i have no temptation when im out because i know im allowed so theres no reason.I think that all parents should do that bc no i dont drink when im at partys ect. because i can do it at home and im safe.
    On 05/18/02
    dick from Othe said:
    Actually 21 states have no laws against consumption by minors, while the rest have specifics clauses permiting home/religious clauses. Remember to comply with Federal highway funding states only have to restrict under 21s from purchasing alcohol & have penalties for the public possesion of alcohol by under 21s, that's all the states have to do to comply.
    On 03/07/02
    *hol's* from CA said:
    my friend is 18 and is allowed a beer or two when hes at home. that really shouldnt be a crime. its the parents decision. they know he smokes and drinks a little here and there...its basically his choice. for them to say its okay, just do it here at home shouldnt be against the law...but of course, it is.
    On 09/26/01
    lianne from Othe said:
    I think the websites good but you should have a bit were you can ask a question and you find it out for us and a lot more stuff on drugs.
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