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    Stories - View Story: John's story

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    My name is john and im 17, i live in south carolina with my dad..ok heres the story. I recently dropped out of school because i made some bad choices the earlier part of the semester and my grades are irrecoverable. I know i messed up and i take responsibilty for that. Anyways,im going back to school in August because i want my diploma, i didnt quit because i was lazy i took a brief vacation to gather myself. well i have a job now i work full time at piggly wiggly. Prior to dropping out my father told me if i did that that i would have to pay for my own rent, water bill, light bill, car insurance, gas, everything i needed money for i would have to pay...and hes keeping me grounded while he is MAKING me stay here and pay him, so its like im paying to be punished.  i would like to move out of the house, but what i really wanna know is if it is legal for him to make me pay him me not being emancipated, im goin crazy, thanks!

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    On 08/02/08
    from AL said:
    I think the father should only make you pay half or even just 25% of each bill and he pays the rest since their are two residents making an income at the same time. It is HIS house under HIS name so he should be paying HIS SHARE too. It's not under your name on any documents or papers except as a dependent if you are over the legal age to move out. If the bills couldn't be payed he would get the blame by the companies and have to pay the restoration fee. At least that's how it seems it should be.
    On 07/31/08
    Alina from AL said:
    No it is not legal, he can't make you pay anything until you turn 18, and you can move out at 17, trust me I just did it Monday and it is perfectly ok, my parents flipped out and called the cops and they told them there was nothing that can be done b/c I am 17. so Have fun = )
    On 05/15/08
    jjw from FL said:
    I think your dad is doing the right thing. If you're not in school u should help pay the bills! If you move out, do you think it will be free?
    On 05/05/08
    from AL said:
    it's not legal for him to make you pay him, especially since your under the age of 18. when you reach 18 there's nothing we can do
    On 04/18/08
    keshia from CA said:
    frist of all i am trying to find my father that i have not seen i would love to see him i am about to be 18 and i want to be with him people say the have to be with there father and mother at all times not split apart what i think is he is trying to find me but he cant and dont blame him mom says that he is dead and i dont think he is
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