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Question: Can being forced to subscribe to a radical religon be grounds for an emancipation?


No. As of right now, Arizona does not have a law allowing emancipation.

There is a similar process called "Terminating the Parent-Child Relationship" where another person other than the child asks the court to terminate the relationship due to: 1) parent abandoned the child; 2) parent neglected or willfully abused the child 3) and a long list of other factors that do not apply to "radical religions" (ARS 8-533). It would have to be proven that forcing you to subscribe to the radical religion was a form of parent neglect or willful abuse. If you want to talk about your specific situation, I suggest you call the Arizona Children's Law Center at 602-258-3434 x 266.

But, in April 2005 the AZ Legislature introduced a bill to allow emancipation for self-sufficient 16-18 year olds. It is not the law yet, but keep watching to see if it is passed.

See the Arizona Legislature's Website to track new laws, including the 2005 "emancipation of a minor" bills SB1301 and HB2428. Also, you can write your legislator to tell them your opinion of these proposed laws.

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On 05/15/08
zach from MO said:

what if you are getting abused and are around 17? why couldn't you get  emancipation it shud be able to get in any state as long as u hav a good case to get emancipated.

On 08/19/06
Monica from WA said:
These laws really mess you over. Why did we ever admit Arizona into the Union?
On 09/09/05
Heather from WV said:
Arizona has a lot of obserd laws,i now know not to move there any time soon...geeze..
On 07/31/05
Danielle from AZ said:
Yea well I want to be emancipated and live on my own, but the stupid law.....!!
On 06/03/05
Jocelyn from MA said:
I really dont like the sound of this i would never go to arizona
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