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Question: I'm 17 i turn 18 in november but my whole life ive been working for my grandmother cleaning houses and my mom takes all my money and now i havea job at rubios fresh mexican grill she still takes my money. she is an ex meth addict and VERY aggressive and violent all i do is clean the house and she yells at us and hits us and calls me and my 11 y/o brother names like stupid, usless and the list goes on, ive talked to people such a a councilor ect. but they all say theres nothing i can do about it , it that true if not what are my rights? please help me, im depserate.


If you are being physically and mentally abused, we encourage you to contact the police department in your city and/or Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services (CPS) is a program mandated under Arizona Law (ARS §8-802 ) for the protection of children alleged to be abused and neglected. This program provides specialized welfare services that seek to prevent dependency, abuse and neglect of children. The Child Protective Services program receives, screens and investigates allegation of child abuse and neglect, performs assessments of child safety, assesses the imminent risk of harm to the children and evaluates conditions that support or refute the alleged abuse or neglect and need for emergency intervention.

This program also provides services designed to stabilize a family in crisis and to preserve the family unit by reducing safety and risk factors. This program provides an array of services, including Family Builders, Family Group Decision Making, Family Preservation Services (Intensive Family Services), High-Risk Infant Services (in Maricopa County), case management, parent aide and other in-home family support services. Not all programs are offered in every geographic area. In addition, services to promote permanence, stability and continuity of care are provided for children who enter out-of-home care. Services include, but are not limited to case management, permanency planning, provision of out-of-home care, kinship foster care, adoptive and foster home recruitment, other out-of-home services to individuals or families, and assistance to young adults in transition from adolescence to adulthood.

To contact CPS please call: 1-877-767-2445 or visit the CPS website.

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On 07/25/05
Rose from AZ said:
Call Tumbleweed Drop In Center in Tempe. They offer services for homeless and at risk youth in Arizona. They can also refer you out to other agencies. The telephone number there is 480.966.2036. Just be honest when you do your intake review, and I promise you the incredible staff here will soon have you on the road to a safe environment. Do not let your mother or anyone else abuse you sweetie. It's just not right. Good luck and hang in there.
On 07/22/05
jessica from FL said:
wat i had read that was so sad but about that problem here is a number u can call and it will help u all types of problem and it's only for teen 305-377-teen that is u want to hear a taped messages but if u want to actually to talk to someone here is the number 305-377-talk u don't have to give ur name just ay u want everything private and they just going to find a shelter for u and no one don't hjave to kno k i had the same problem and i help now my whole family get's along with each other
On 07/21/05
jenn from FL said:
your a adult you need to go to the police and tell them whats going on to protect your brother because you can leave any time and he can't. stand up for yourself and him because once a junkie ALWAYS a junkie theres no telling what she is doing with the money.
On 07/17/05
Jeff from AZ said:
First of all, under ARS (Arizona Revised Statues), once you are 16 in the state of Arizona, as long as you are working and getting paid legally (not under the table) your mom never had the right to take your money in the first place. We're a right to work state. Second, you need to get out of the house, if you take your brother with you it could come back at you as kidnapping, you do not have custody. Call CPS!!! They can get him out without problems and then fight for custody. It's not as simple as just taking him. Be smart about it! It's your life now, take control of it! Good Luck!!
On 07/08/05
Brittany Gaines from CA said:
I am so sorry about that! You need to hid ethe money from your mom and save up to buy an apartment or something. Do you have any people you and your brother could live with? Because the situation could get dangerous!!!
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