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Question: How old do you have to be in order to get birth control and can you get it without your parents knowing?

Answer: Once you have started having a period you can obtain birth control from a doctor. Condoms can be purchased at any age from a drugstore. You can get birth control without your parents knowing. This is something you should consider discussing with your parents, but if you feel this is not possible, you can still obtain birth control on your own. If you go to your family doctor the information can be given to your parents. Also, your parents may obtain and/or automatically be sent information from the insurance company stating what you obtained from the doctor. You can go to a clinic to obtain services without your parents knowledge. You may want to look at some information on the Planned Parenthood wibesite before you go into a clinic. There is a lot of information regarding teen health on the Planned Parenthood site.

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On 06/03/09
brooke from CA said:
i want to ask my mom if i can take birth control only cause you dont have your period all the time. but im afraid to ask.
On 04/11/09
confid from WI said:
i have birth control but i got pregnant any way so when you us it wait about a month because thats how long it taks to get it into you vagina you may experiace a heavy period at first so good luck
On 02/29/08
jasmin from NC said:
can you send me some in the mail
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