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Question: Can I be tried for a minor consumption offence (when I was 17) AFTER I turn 18?

Answer: Whether you can be tried as an adult for an offense you committed when you were a minor depends on the prosecutor or the juvenile hearing officer assigned to your case. They have some freedom to decide with minor offenses (not as much with felonies), and take a lot of factors into consideration like your prior record, etc. However, just because you committed a crime when you were a minor, but were not tried for the crime until you were 18 does not erase your crime. It is judged based on when you committed the crime, not when you are tried in court. (ARS §8-323)

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On 06/23/06
keegan from IN said:
21 is not a good age to legalize alcohol. laws in some countries including germany allow you to drink at an early age. They have less crime and dui's there. I got a minor consumption last night, I wasnt harming anyone, so why make a big deal out of it, issuing tickets is another way to make a little more money!!!
On 09/29/05
matthew from IN said:
i think that they should just give them all the chair
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