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Question: Both of my parents are from Mexico and are not US citizens. I was born in Mexico and do not have a US birth certificate. I have lived here since I was two years old. Can I get a drivers license? What do I do? Will I be able to go to college in America? Can me and my family be deported if any authorities find out we are here?


To get a driver's license, you need proof of age and consent of a parent.  That means going to MVD with your birth certificate and a parent.  Since you have no birth certificate, you would need some other legally sufficient proof of age.  Call MVD and ask what else they will consider.


Your immigration question is too complicated to answer.   Generally, if you and your family are here illegally, you could be deported.   There are some cases circumstances that may make it possible for some illegal immigrants to live here legally, but that person must file the legal case to make it happen.  Contact an immigration lawyer to see if you fit in one of the categories for an amnesty or some other waiver.  

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On 12/17/07
D from AZ said:
There is ways you can legally become a resident, not a U.S. citizen but allowed to live here as a resident. As a resident you don't get the same rights as a citizen but at least you are here legally.
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