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Question: I live in Phoenix and I live in a violent neighborood. I have been robbed two times and we called the cops. They took a while to get to my house.When they arrived, they checked all rooms and they used this black powder to search for fingerprints. They found foot prints outside the backyard. The problem is is that they couldn't find the people who robbed us. What could I do to change this problem?


Assuming that you and your family have not been injured, legally there is no direct answer for your question until you can identify the robber or robbers. However, there are steps you can take:

1. Talk with the local police department about strategies on how to stay safe.

2. Start a block watch program (the local police can be helpful here again).

3. If you don't own your home and you rent, discuss the problem with your landlord.  Maybe adding a deadbolt to discourage the burglars might be useful.

4. If you rent you should purchase renters insurance. If you own your home, make sure you have enough insurance coverage through homeowners policy.

5. Ask the police to make regular and frequent patrols around the neighborhood.

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On 07/28/08
moving from AL said:
maybe you should move to a different neighborhood.
On 02/23/06
Some guy from AZ said:
Did they check to see if the footprints weren't your own or some neighborhood kid's?
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