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    Stories - View Story: Randy's story

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    “Don’t be a chicken.  It’s just a little fun.”

    Randy did the right thing by hesitating and choosing to not get involved.  Deliberately damaging someone else’s property is against the law.    In addition, mailboxes are considered federal property and it is a crime to vandalize them (and to injure, deface, or destroy any mail deposited in them.) (Title 18, United Stated Code, Section 1705).    Violators can be fined up to $250,000 or imprisoned for up to three years for each act of vandalism.

    In Arizona, deliberately damaging or defacing the property of another person is called criminal damage and it is a felony.   Deliberately damaging any building, structure, or place used as a school or educational facility is called aggravated criminal damage.  If the damage exceeds the cost of $10,000, it is a class 4 felony.  Damage to another person’s property may sometimes be class 2 misdemeanor (under $250.00) but damage to an educational facility is always a felony.   Painting graffiti is a form of criminal damage and it is against the law.    Some juveniles have been tried as adults for committing criminal damage.  The sentence includes jail time and probation.  Juveniles who damage the property of others can be placed on probation (with or without detention) and can be required to pay for damages.

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    On 12/15/08
    omar from AZ said:
    I think they should be more protection at school and on the streets. Like 3 weeks ago they broke in my school and vandilized the cafeteria. They stoled food and messed up the kitchen.Now they have to bring the food from the middles school but im not that sure if they fixed the cafeteria or they still bring food from the middle school. Lot of bad stuff has happened at my school.
    On 12/01/08
    akid from AZ said:
    What about a school who prosecutes a young kid for writing on the bathroom stall door with a pencil??? The court is going to give him a court appointed lawyer, all of this for damage that is less than $50 Kind of waste of the taxpayer's money
    On 01/11/08
    Dave from MD said:
    no one is going to charge you 250,00 for vandalizing a mailbox. if you want to do something like this then just do it, its not like the person your doing it to has never tried something like that :/
    On 11/23/07
    shelby from AZ said:
    wow thats crazy i thought you cant get in trouble for messing up a mailbox
    On 10/30/07
    Will from AZ said:
    I no idea that messing with a mail box was so bad to do. I mean 250,000 $$$$. but i guess that good that the government can take control of thing like that
    1 thru 5 of 18 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4    

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