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The internet has trillions of bytes of information available for access and download. Sometimes... all the time... it can be difficult to find exactly what you want on the internet.

The LawForKids.org staff has compiled the best of the best sites on the internet for Law, Kids, Parents, and Teachers.

We also have a large list of telephone numbers to Crisis hotlines that serves Arizona if you Need Help immediately.

Homework Help

Doing a book report on Arizona government or history?

Need to know about the law-making process?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a computer on the internet that would do all of your homework for you? All you would have to do is just sit back and watch as the computer would produce 100% papers for every homework assignment your teachers gave.

Well, if you find such a site on the internet, let us know. Meanwhile, the LawForKids.org staff has compiled some of the most useful links on the Internet to help you get 100% on all of your homework assignments.

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