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Question: my fieance has a felony and we are trying to find an apartment to move in to but we've been denied 3 times, is there a place we can go that offers placement help for felons, or at leatst a list of places that accept them?


Please visit the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness website that lists housing that will accept ex-felons. Having a felony conviction does limit the housing choices available.

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On 05/26/09
Marie from FL said:
My fiance and I are trying to find an apartment he is the co-signer and he has a felony.
On 01/23/09
jb from AZ said:
Hi. my 18 yr old son and i are looking for an apartment that will accept felons. we both have one. his is for a sex offense. having a hard time trying to find someone who will rent to us. I can't have my son on the streets. My ex-husband is the cause and due to arizona laws, my son got convicted. Looking for a place in the phoenix-metro area. anyone know of any places? thanks, Jb
On 01/12/08
DC from AZ said:
can you put the list of appartments?
On 12/17/07
b from AZ said:
i am also a felon and i just got my first apartment less than 1 month ago. tell me about a struggle!!! youre lucky you only got denied 3x. i went to & called over 95 apartments! no exaggeration! all i could wonder was where the little felon community lived! they must all be in one apartment complex. anyways i live in arizona i dont know where you live-if it happens to be in arizona write and ill give you plenty of apt finder's. there are ways to get help. most are free of charge. also easiest way=if she is on probation-have her po help her
On 06/21/06
Chris from PA said:
Some landlords do not ask about criminal history on their application. They usually check credit history. On the application, say that you will answer this question in person. Explain your situation in person. Also offer any evidence of rehabiliation.
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