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Question: If I forge a parents signature, does that parent have any legal recourse or what could happen to me?

Answer: Forgery is a serious crime. Even if you present the forged item to someone and that person looks at it and can tell it is forged and won't accept it, you are still responsible for the crime. This is a felony. The judge may give probation for a first time offense, but when you have a felony there is always the chance you can get jail time.

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On 02/13/09
Qdog from AL said:
Don't ever forge your parents signature. Your parents canloose trust in u and you can go to jail. Even if you get a bad grade then show it to your parents. You might get in less trouble then if you forge.
On 12/19/08
Dalton from GA said:
actually you can get kicked out of your school for forging your parents sig. they'll send you to alt school,
On 12/16/08
Lynia from GU said:
Never forge a signature just because you got a bad grade or because of your report card or anything silly like that. Your parent's are there to HELP you , not telling them you got a bad grade just guaruntee's you'll get another bad grade again. Don't be afraid , show it to them , tell them to really understand. But also , don't go "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME , I HATE YOU , GEEZ!" Or something , They'll get annoyed , trust me , BAD mistake. Forging a Signature is a serious crime , never do it. It's bad , and you're basically lying too.
On 10/07/08
Andrew from MI said:
If you forge your parents signature to watch a movie, then nothing will happen. you're a dumb kid so you'll probably just get a detention. This isn't Saudia Arabia - they won't cut off your hand
On 09/30/08
molina from NJ said:
I did forge my dads signature a couple of times and still ian doing it and i wanna stop but iam still afraid of what my dad with say if i get like a 60 on a math quiz!!! HELP ME
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