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Question: If I forge a parents signature, does that parent have any legal recourse or what could happen to me?

Answer: Forgery is a serious crime. Even if you present the forged item to someone and that person looks at it and can tell it is forged and won't accept it, you are still responsible for the crime. This is a felony. The judge may give probation for a first time offense, but when you have a felony there is always the chance you can get jail time.

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On 09/07/08
steven from IL said:
I was wondering what could happen if you forged your parents signature to watch a movie in class please help.
On 08/11/08
melvaa from MI said:
it is a very bad thing to do trust me i never do that it could lead you to trouble or can lead you to be kicked out. About three students in my school did that..... oh boy how their parents or any one did not trust them anymore. THey were all crying. :(
On 04/09/08
bob from CO said:
i am just like any normal kid who has a bad report card and whos parents freak out if i get bad grades. Forging a signature is probably not a good idea though, for if u get cought, the punishment would be much worse than if u just showed your parents the report card
On 11/13/06
lol from AL said:
technically forging a signature is not a crime. You are merely writing down "your" signature on your name. Legally, it is still your signature, not someone elses.
On 06/04/06
Ray from AL said:
What happens if the intent was forging, but i did not put in the correct first name, would it still be concidered forging?
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