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Question: If I forge a parents signature, does that parent have any legal recourse or what could happen to me?

Answer: Forgery is a serious crime. Even if you present the forged item to someone and that person looks at it and can tell it is forged and won't accept it, you are still responsible for the crime. This is a felony. The judge may give probation for a first time offense, but when you have a felony there is always the chance you can get jail time.

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On 08/01/05
Sean from AZ said:
One of my friends, still a minor, recently got a ticket for excessive speeding. According to Title 8, Chapter 3, Article 1, 8-308, he claims as long as he gives reasonable cause as to why his parents cannot appear, he can go alone. Is this the case?
On 07/08/05
Amy from NY said:
I think it depends on the situation for it to be a felony or not. If you needed to go to someone's house but forgot to get a signature and forged, that is kinda serious. But if you happened to have a practice chart and your parent(s) had to sign it and you forgot to practice that week and forged it instead of showing it to your parents, I don't think that should be a felony. I don't know if it is. None of my friends or me have had anything remotely like that.
On 12/01/04
jesse from OH said:
No u can't go 2 jail 4 sining your dads sig.
On 12/01/04
Craig from OH said:
I think it is a good law because if you forge a parents signature and get on the bus after school then the parent would not know where you are.
On 05/10/04
Natalie from IL said:
I was never a bad kid, but one day i wanted to ride the bus home with a friend. At my school in order to ride the bus with a friend,you have to have a signed letter from your parents that says you can. Then you have to get it signed by the principal so the bus driver knows its okay. Anyways, we forged my moms signature and wrote a note. Then we took it to the office to get the principal to sighn it for us. Kids do it all the time so we thougth we wouldnt get caught. She looked at us and said, did you forge this? We finally admited to it, and we got detention! I still regret it today!
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