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Question: Is it illegal to have sexual conduct with a dog?

Answer: In the 2006 legislative session a bill was introduced and passed into law: Senate Bill 1160 outlaws beastiality (which includes sex with dogs) and this became law 90 days after the close of the session. See A.R.S. § 13-1411.

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On 02/18/09
Alec from AZ said:
If this law wasn't made till 2006 what went on before 2006?
On 06/07/08
Ray from MN said:
If you have ideas like that there are serious issues that you may want to get help for.
On 05/22/08
lishya from MI said:
is that really a law and could that be a abused to the dog !
On 05/22/08
alishy from MI said:

really disgusting ,and why would you you're that desperate for it.

On 03/16/08
Hannah from AZ said:
OMG, why would you do that?!?!?!?! I reall didn't need to hear that!
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