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Question: im 15. boyfriend is 22. can he get charged with sexual misconduct if we havent had sex or done anything sexual. my mother is charging him with sexual assault. what can i do?

Answer: Tell the truth in court - review the consequences of perjury by looking at lawforkids.org Question #331

If he is innocent, he and/or his attorney will need to show that.

It is against the law for a 22 year old to have sex with 15 year old minor - see Question #404

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On 01/28/09
Alyce from TX said:
well i think there is nothing wrong with dating older guys i mean if the girl likes it then go ahead they know what they are expecting
On 08/02/08
Amanda from AZ said:
 She said she HASN'T had sex with him, so they're not doing anything Illegal. In some states 16 year olds can be with people up to a 24-year limit.
On 03/23/08
Bri from WV said:

Isnt  Statutory Rape ANYONE over the age of 18 has sex with anyone under the age of 18??? EVEN IF IT EACH PERSON HAS GIVEN CONSENT!!!!

On 12/17/07
Tykara from NY said:
You can pled out the case or decide you dont want to press charges or go and testify against your mother and the case cant go on with no witnesses or victims unless they dig int history or proior offense. the judge may pepena the case or dismiss it if she fimds it a waste of time.
On 08/29/07
mykala from AZ said:
wow are ya kiddind me! why would you even ask such a stupid question... please ask your self what a desperate 22 year old MAN wants with a 15 YEAR OLD TEENAAGER! tell him to get a grip on his life and quickly! Here is some good advice... live your life and tell him to go set up an eHarmony acount!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
1 thru 5 of 8 comments

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