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Question: i was wondering if i needed a licence to sell food items like candy icecream soda pickels lemons salalitos and stuff like that


Each city has its own municipal code and generally a license is required to sell food items. For example, Phoenix says it is unlawful for a mobile food vendor to operate without a license and to operate outside specific hours. However, the work done cannot be in violation of Arizona’s Youth Employment Laws. See the answer to question #22676 for more information about youth employment laws in Arizona. You can also visit the Industrial Commission of Arizona online for a more details.

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On 11/09/07
Writer from OK said:
If you did, is Halloween illegal? No, but for safety reasons, DON'T EAT TAMPERED-LOOKING STUFF. As long as your pickles, ice cream... are sealed the way you bought it, I don't see any problem.
On 10/30/07
Vernon from GA said:
No My friend you dont i do it and you dont see me using a liscience follow your heart and belive in god and your dreams shall come true GO CMS
On 10/19/07
from AL said:
Dont bother even getting a license - it's only going to get revoked
On 10/05/07
Oceish from GA said:

Hi well if you want to sell pickles and stuff you go right ahead i don`t see anything wrong with that well i believe you can do it . 

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