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Question: I just want to know what type of education is needed to pursue a career as a family lawyer?


The formal requirements to become a lawyer generally include a 4-year college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a written bar examination. In order to focus your career on family law, there are three main ways your can pursue your interests.

First, generally after your first year in law school, you have the option of choosing classes that interest you. This gives law students the ability to specialize their educations. In your case, you could choose the classes that are offered in family law.

Second, you could get involved with any extracurricular activities dealing with family law that your law school offers. This includes joining clubs and attending seminars and speakers that relate to family law.

Third, you could pursue your interest in family law on your own. You can do this even before you reach law school! Some ways to do this are to seek faculty members whose area of expertise mirrors your interests, take on opportunities to do research and writing in your area of interest, and seek out a summer job or internship at a law firm that deals with family law.

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Thanks a lot, this has really helped me
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