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Question: I received a $100.00 jaywalking ticket that has no court date on it. What will happen If I don't show up. Is this fine excessive?

Answer: Jaywalking is a civil traffic offense. See A.R.S. Sections 28-121 and 28-793. That type of offense carries a maximum fine of $250 plus any applicable surcharges. Surcharges can add up to an additional 47% of the fine amount.

If the citation sets no court date, then the $100 assessment is a bond guaranteeing appearance in court to resolve the citation. You should call the court to be sure that a hearing is scheduled. If the court datewas set and has already been held, then the bond amount is levied against you as a fine.

If you appear in court and a fine is assessed, your failure to pay can result in collection action as well as the suspension of your driver's license until all payments are made or until satisfactory arrangements for payment have been made. See A.R.S. Section 28-1601.

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On 02/06/08
What? from CA said:
That law is pretty weak. Im glad we are paying taxes for cops to bust jaywalkers. I sleep better at night knowing that they are getting those dirty jaywalkers off the street.
On 01/10/08
hight from MA said:
It is not legal to jaywalk in MA. and you can be fined under Boston City Article A7, section 1 for violation of Pedestrians crossing ways or roadways improperly, which is also addressed int he State laws under 720CMR 9.09 (4) (a), and then again under MA motor vehicle laws Chapter 90, section 18a. So if you think you can jaywalk in MA, think again. MA just has another name for it.
On 10/18/07
from AL said:
whoever gave you that ticket is laughing at you right now
On 08/13/07
Tessa from MA said:
It's legal in Boston.. I know it's for safety, but if your a responsible pedestrian then I think it should be legal in all states
On 04/18/06
from AL said:
the right to travel is inherent to all human beings and no government has the right to tell you where you can and cannot travel. ignore this law please.
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