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Can I operate a motorized skateboard at age 14?


Motorized skateboard use is covered by city laws. In general, city laws require motorized skateboard riders to be at least 14 years old, follow traffic signs and rules and wear a helmet while riding it. See a sample of motorized skateboard laws in the laws section of this website. To be sure, check with your local police department to find out about laws concerning motorized skateboards in your community.


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On 10/05/07
Jett from FL said:
Goped® is a brand name for an American made brand of scooter. I see a lot of questions asking if Gopeds® are illegal for kids. Well, no more so than other brands. And yes, anyone under 16 can't use them on the street. Check with your local DMV under moped/scooter laws.
On 06/13/06
all from CT said:
what is a legal cc for unregistered gas scooters
On 06/13/06
john from CT said:
what is the legal cc for a gas powerd Goped® or scooter in connecticut is it under 49cc's ok?
On 06/11/06
rich from FL said:
i'm 14 and i ride my Goped® with no problems, ive even got modifications on it and no one seems to have a problem, so i don't think they are illegal in south florida, you just can't drive on public roads
On 11/07/05
CHARLES from MS said:
Can I ride a Goped® in Long Beach,MS. I am 14,but the police say I can't, but I think they just don't like us riding around their houses and car and stuff.
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