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Question: Can a student be suspended from school and bus privileges for accidentally lighting a match on the bus? What if the student puts the match out and admits doing it?

Answer: The questions that you asked are covered by your school district policy. Each school district in the state has policies that explain appropriate conduct for students on busses and on school grounds. The policies also outline the consequences for breaking the rules. If you want to learn more about your school or school district policies, you can contact your school principal.

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On 04/14/09
B andO from MI said:
I don't know i just did that today and i searched it on google besuace i don't want to be suspended
On 06/26/07
josh from ME said:
how can you light a match accidentley u stupid or wat
On 05/26/06
anonymous from PA said:
Why would you even have a match, and how in the world would you accidentally light one?
On 01/04/06
brandin from IA said:
well lighting a match isnt all that serious. chances are it would have burned out b4 you could even light something up. but if you tried using that same stupid line on them "accidentally lighting the match" thats why you got suspended. that makes them think you think they're stupid. well thats not the case and they're tryin to prove it there, now if you were honest to them on why you did it or if you would have came up with a good lie (such as: hey i was just trying to do a magic trick) chances are you'd been let off with a warning. anyway watch your back and dont get caught slippin lil homie
On 03/23/04
Peggy from AZ said:
yea you can get suspended [1 day] and be suspended of the bus [5 days] for lighting a match on a bus, cause i had my experience with that kind of situation
1 thru 5 of 18 comments

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