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Question: Are there rules or laws concerning grade retention for students who cannot read at a certain reading level?

Answer: Even though essential skills testing is done at different grade levels, the test results are not used to determine if a student should be retained or promoted. In elementary school, the teacher makes the determination for retention or promotion. In high school, the teacher determines if a student should pass or fail a specific class. We contacted the Arizona Department of Education for these answers.

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On 03/17/09
Susan from ND said:
I wish parents or people in general would value the teacher's degree/license/experience the same way we do a doctor's or a plumber's. How often do you question their recommendations? Teachers are not the enemy here, they became teachers to make a difference in students' lives by helping them be the best they can be. Most teachers care almost as much about your child as you do-they are on your child's side!! Please try to see that!!
On 01/29/09
Robin from MI said:
Retention does not work. Studies show retained children perform lower in the same grade level as thier similarly struggling peers. You should demand an individualized education plan for your child in his proper grade. Thats what works.
On 03/18/08
James from KY said:

I put forth three to four hours a night with my son. He brings home 105% spelling tests and 100% math tests and yet the teacher wants to retain him because his focus isn't where she thinks it should be. Fact of the matter is the hours of homework mentioned is mostly him reading for AR testing which he is almost perfect in scores, because usually he only brings home two maybe three sheets of homework a night. So you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Good grades, no unfinished work coming home and yet I have no ability to tell this teacher she is not to hold my son back?

On 02/07/08
Carol from OH said:
Parents,did you see the papers the teacher has been sending home since the beginning of school? Did the report cards indicate problems all along? Do you think your child's self esteem will suffer more from repeating a grade or from feeling like they can't do the work their peers are doing? HELP your child by reading to them, practicing Math facts, and doing the assigned homework, enrolling them in summer programs so they won't lose what they've already learned, and by turning off their TV, violent computer games, and cell phones. Teacher don't just impart knowledge.It's hard work on your part
On 10/18/07
Andy from IN said:
Listen, parents...if you'd put as much time and effort into helping your children learn how to read/write/add/etc...as you are in fighting them being retained, the problem would be solved. It makes no sense to put a child into 3rd grade math (for example) if they haven't mastered 2nd grade math...then they move onto 4th grade math, and haven't yet mastered 2nd..and so on and so forth until they have to take Algebra and still can't add. Help the teachers, quit making excuses for your kids and pointing fingers. Wise up people, kids need to be held accountable,learn that there are consequences
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