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Question: What will I get if I steal cigarettes?

Answer: In Arizona, Possession of tobacco by a person under the age of 18 is an incorrigible act and you could face charges in court. There could be various penalties. STEALING is a different story. Theft or shoplifting is a crime and you could be prosecuted for committing this act. You could be ordered to jail or any other options that the judge may decide according to A.R.S. sec 13-1802, 13-1805, 8-341 and 8-201(15)

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On 09/16/02
jaqi from AZ said:
let us do what we want to do, cause we're gonna do it anyways. stop wasting your time and money on the stupid anti-smoking adds, and try doing something wise with it.
On 08/23/02
Sam from Othe said:
I am from Quebec, Canada, but I am familiar with US laws. You should keep in mind that judges have certain powers that they don't always enforce. For a first offence, jail would be extremely unlikely. In Canada it is a fine of about C$300, i think.
On 07/18/02
kitten from Othe said:
i got caught butwere i live live all i got was a fine of £100 so it wasnt bad i fink dat u shudnt go to jail coz u done nowt serious best of luck!
On 06/26/02
Me from AZ said:
I don't think stealing is right but i think it should be a person's personal decision if they wanna smoke or not.. If teens smoke then the parents can be the ones to blame or just some movie..
On 02/01/02
scott from NE said:
I'm 19 and i got caught stealing alcohol, it was only $30 worth,but it was enough that i had to go to jail. i have on more week before i have to go to court, i know what i did was worg, and i just want to what ever i have to to get done with all this .... if any one ever got caught stealing and is over 18 email me and tell me what you got as a sentence, cuz i don't know if im going to have to go to jail or what.
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