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Question: Is it legal to carry a small knife in one's pocket? Are switchblade knives illegal in Arizona?

Answer: Arizona Law addresses these questions in ARS chapter 31, section 13. First, Arizona law (ARS 13-3101) defines deadly weapon as anything that is designed for lethal use. Second, ARS 13-3102 states that a person commits misconduct involving weapons if they carry a deadly weapon without a permit, except for a pocket knife concealed on his or her person. So, the answer to the first question is that it is legal to carry a pocket knife concealed on your person.

As to the matter of switchblade knives, there is nothing specifically making switchblade knives illegal in this state. As they are not commonly carried by sportsman or tradespersons, they would probably be considered fighting knives and, therefore, deadly weapons. While not specifically illegal to possess, they may have to be either carried visibly or, if concealed, the possessor must have a concealed weapons permit issued pursuant to ARS 13-3112.

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On 05/03/04
chris from AZ said:
well, i would like to know if there is a restriction on the length of pocket knives. i always have a knife but try to remember to not bring it to school. i am 16 and would really like to know because if there is no restriction then i can convince my dad to let me get that knife. i just need to get 100 extra dollars to spend on it.
On 04/25/04
Dave from AZ said:
In Arizona blade length isn't an issue with regard to concealed carry. The issue is the intended use of the knife based on its design, which can be open to debate. For example, a folding pocket knife with a 7" blade probably wouldn't be considered a weapon. People carry pocket knives to complete various appropriate tasks. However, a 7" dagger concealed in a sheath under your pant leg is a different story; this type of set-up is probably intended to be used as a weapon and clearly is not a "pocket knife."
On 04/22/04
Brandan from CA said:
Is a 2 3/4 in. pocket knife legal in or out of school?
On 04/14/04
Chris from AZ said:
oh good. i cary a knife with me everywhere i go except school. i am also wondering if there is a specific length that is illegal. my dad isnt letting me buy one knife because it has a 4in. blade. is that illegal?
On 03/29/04
Dave from AZ said:
In Arizona at least I would advise against concealing a switchblade regardless of length on your person unless you have a concealed weapons permit. A switchblade really is a weapon as opposed to a "pocket knife." You're opening yourself up for trouble if you carry these types of weapons concealed on your person without a permit; keep them visible if you must carry them.
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