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Question: Is it legal to carry a small knife in one's pocket? Are switchblade knives illegal in Arizona?

Answer: Arizona Law addresses these questions in ARS chapter 31, section 13. First, Arizona law (ARS 13-3101) defines deadly weapon as anything that is designed for lethal use. Second, ARS 13-3102 states that a person commits misconduct involving weapons if they carry a deadly weapon without a permit, except for a pocket knife concealed on his or her person. So, the answer to the first question is that it is legal to carry a pocket knife concealed on your person.

As to the matter of switchblade knives, there is nothing specifically making switchblade knives illegal in this state. As they are not commonly carried by sportsman or tradespersons, they would probably be considered fighting knives and, therefore, deadly weapons. While not specifically illegal to possess, they may have to be either carried visibly or, if concealed, the possessor must have a concealed weapons permit issued pursuant to ARS 13-3112.

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On 03/18/04
nitschke from PA said:
i know that switchblades are illegal pretty much everywhere, no matter how big the blade is. as for other knives, i think that you can carry anything with a blade under 4 inches, or 3 im not sure on that one.
On 02/28/04
Trevor from TX said:
I am 14 I carry a butterflyknife use it for protection. I was at the mall and i was skating and suckrity drove up and they sherd my firend and I. he asked me if i had enythang in my pockets and i said yes a knife so he took it. He told me that i code be arested for caring it.He had asked me whare i got it my"Butterfly knife" i told i dent tell him that i had goten it from the mall becouse I was a bit nervis I thought i wode git a ticket for skating and the knife. so he told me to go and he drove off.so i wode like to know if it is ok for mall suckerty to surch me and if it is alleagle.
On 12/16/03
Joe from AZ said:
I like to carry knives all of the time. I also collect them. A couple weeks ago I bought a switchblade. I dont know if it is leagle to carry it. It doesnt have a clip on it but its under four inches. Would it count as a pocket knife? If you know if I would be able to carry it please comment back.
On 10/18/03
Charles from TX said:
A few years back here in Tx there was a similar story like yours; a straight A, football playing honor student went fishing with his dad and he forgot that he left a small gutting hook knife in the center console of his truck at school, apparently someone saw it and reported it to the campus police and he was arrested and charged and expelled from school for the rest of the year. Total bummer, I am a collector of knives and I also carry one at work to cut open boxes and other places. I have a number of butterfly and switchblade knives that I collect but never use in public. But it's sad when p
On 05/20/03
MS from AZ said:
Trent, check your state laws. Here in Az, if it's locked in your car,and in the glove box, and the car is in the control of an adult (don't know your age), it's legal to drive through or park in a school zone.
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