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Question: Can a mental hospital use restrains on your child?

Answer: Yes, in general, restraints can be used on persons in emergency situations if necessary for their safety or the safety of others. However there are a number of requirements/restrictions on the use of restraints in mental health facilities under both state and federal law.

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On 07/22/06
Morgan from KS said:
Yes, if the hospital feels that it is necessary for the good and/or protection of your child or others then they may be used.
On 09/28/05
from WA said:
i dont think they should because i have fas bipolar and rad but i think kids should just stay with thier parents or be adopted. im in a foster home and they are great but not a real family :)
On 04/12/05
Whitney from VA said:
Yes, am "mental hospital" Can USE restraint on your child specially if you give them reason too.. I've been there, and they dont go easy on that sort of thing either..
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