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Question: What are the current laws for voting?

Answer: In Arizona, the Secretary of State oversees elections and voting laws. Check out the Arizona Secretary of State’s great web site to answer all of your voting questions.

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On 04/28/09
ashley from KS said:
i think teenagers should be able to vote beceusce we now what is right all older people do what they thank is best for them and that is just wrong they should lower it. we need this right to they world could be a better place if kids my age should vote we watch whats goin around the world
On 10/31/08
Remy from CT said:
I just noticed that the www.sosaz.com link above goes to a website in Chinese -- weird! Here's the link you want: Arizona Secretary of State http://www.azsos.gov/
On 02/29/08
Ashley from OH said:
voting is so outrageous i feel that we all should be able to vote theres all these people that want whats best for themselves what about the students we need to do whats right to we need to vote for ourselves do what we feel is right for us and then i feel that the world would then maybe be a better place! Ya know what im sayin!
1 thru 3 of 3 comments

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