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Question: Why do we have laws?

Answer: We have laws in this country for essentially three reasons. One of the most important reasons is that laws enable our society to function smoothly. For instance, what do you think would happen if there were no traffic laws such as obeying stop signs and stoplights? If we didn’t have laws such as those, we would find it hard to do our everyday business. Also, we have laws in order to protect the safety and basic rights of citizens.

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On 06/01/09
KEB from DC said:
There are 5 reasons we have laws...I just can't think of them!
On 04/26/09
Unknow from MS said:
WE have rules for the safety of others,fairness and justice and for the courtesy of others.
On 06/29/08
from VA said:
Joany: It's true that most laws stand for FAIRNESS, but What about curfew laws? Those are not fair.
On 04/08/08
joany from CT said:
we have laws for the safety and for the fairness of people in our society. we also have laws to help prevnt chaos and anarchy.
On 09/05/07
from NE said:
Without laws people whould get hurt by others or even themselves. Like gun control- in some states it's illegal to have a gun on your person even with a permit because some child could accidentally take the safty off and shoot a brother or sister in the face. Without law we'd be like a volcano. I would have gotten killed a long time ago, there would be nothing interesting to talk about in the paper, and no one to report about it. Have you seen the movie Blood Diamond? That is horrific. No one can say or do anything or else be shot or tortured or worse...
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