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Question: What is the purpose of the Supreme Court?

Answer: The Supreme Court of the United States acts as the highest authority in the 3rd branch of our government---the judicial branch. Its job is to interpret the Constitution and in doing so, it decides cases in which there needs to be an important clarification in the law. There are nine justices on the Court and they hear cases that have been appealed through the justice system. Thus, when the Court rules in a case, that ruling is the last resort for the defendants. The Court is an important part of our government, intended to be free from political influence and therefore able to make crucial decisions about the law and how it is applied.

Learn more about the US Supreme Court on their website.

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On 05/03/09
Hank from MA said:
Bush wrecked? It was Clinton's policy that forced banks to lend to people who had no possible way of paying back the loan. Obama talks a good game about how Bush increased the deficit, but Obama has increased the deficit more in 100 days than all other presidents combined for the last 200 + years. Yeah, great job, and nice going on converting the US to a socialist country too.
On 05/01/09
Adele from TX said:
obama is a disaster - dishonest, arrognant, inexperienced and weak. he is destorying our nation.
On 04/18/09
marka from NJ said:
I do not believe everyone saying Obama is not going to do a good job when he has just gotten started to fix this economy that Bush wrecked.We did not hear all these comments when Bush took our jobs from us,and no money in the economy.Atleast Obama is making sure the unemployment system have enough money until this economy could get back. Negative attitudes come from prejudice minds and that is not good for the economy neither.
On 03/24/09
Rubi from FL said:
If you look back when Hoover was president, he put us into depression just kind of like how Bush put us through. History repeats himself and President Obama is trying do his best and following some of the ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt which brought us out of Drepression. People who oppose President Obama are not looking at it as he does but if McCain would of won and would do the same stuff as President Obama is doing, yall wouldn't be talking so much.
On 03/01/09
Shuna from LA said:
I believe President Obama was a great choice for president, and he will make a change in our economy. How can there be doubt about Obama not doign a good job as President, when the presidents before put the United States in all this debt. We cannot blame President Obama for their mistakes in the past.
1 thru 5 of 19 comments

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