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Question: What could happen if I get pulled over and don't have my driver's license on hand?

Answer: Arizona Law (ARS 28-3169) addresses this question and states that any licensed driver shall have in his possession a legible driver's license while operating a motor vehicle and shall produce it on demand of the police. If a licensed driver does not have his license in his possession, a complaint may be issued against him.

The complaint will be dismissed if the person appears in court or goes to the police department and shows them his license. The penalty in Arizona Law (ARS 28-3471) simply states that a violator must pay a civil penalty, which could be as little as a reprimand from the judge or might even be a fine or suspension of driving privileges.

The best approach to avoid going to court is to carry your license, registration and proof of insurance coverage at all times when operating a motor vehicle.

Note that if a person is not a licensed driver, they may violate another Arizona Law (ARS 28-3473 A) by driving a vehicle. A person who drives without a license may be guilty of a class one misdemeanor.

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On 01/25/05
Tom from AL said:
why would you need a blood test, PBT would be enough
On 09/10/03
D. from AZ said:
Yes, I think that they can because if you are driving drunk they dont have to ask your parents for approval they can just take you in
On 07/05/03
Nick from TN said:
does an officer have the right to take a juvenile in for a blood test without parent approvell
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