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Question: I read one of your other laws that said nitrous oxide is illegal for drug use but what if it is for your car.

Answer: Basically, possession of nitrous oxide for use in industrial applications, such as in automotive systems, is legal. There are numerous companies which supply and install nitrous or 'NOS' automotive parts, most of which create faster motors and greater horsepower.

Likewise, in some medical fields, such as dentistry, nitrous oxide is legally possessed and used as an anesthetic, sometimes in conjunction with other medicines, usually for pain reduction. If dispensed by a licensed physician, its use is, of course, legal.

Finally, there are small charged containers which are sold to the public for use in whipped cream dispensers, since, interestingly, nitrous acts as a presevative and 'inflator' when mixed with chilled whipped cream.

Unlawful Nitrous Oxide possession is addressed by Arizona Law (ARS 13-3403.01 and 13-3403.02), which states in simplest terms that it is illegal to sell, give or receive nitrous charged containers to minors. It appears that sale or possession of nitrous among adults is lawful.

Note, of course, that if a person were to consume any form of nitrous oxide, even if straight from a whipped cream can, and were to become intoxicated to the slightest degree and then drive a car, they could be charged with driving under the influence DUI.

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On 02/25/05
Paolo from VA said:
I wanted to install a NOS kit in my ride and i heard that it is illegal and there is a 1000!!!!! dollar fine for it is this true the person who told me this said that the law was passed in july of 2004 thats weird jus wodering?????
On 09/10/04
Yuriy from NY said:
Hi Im 18 i want to install a nos kit in my car and was wondering if it is legal or ilegal in new york
On 04/25/04
Carlo from NJ said:
To obtain a nitrous oxide permit in NJ, you have to obtain a nitrous oxide permit form from the department of "health and senior services." The application is short and simple and the permit is free, however, you have to be 19 to obtain the permit. I found that out the hard way.
On 04/16/04
V from NJ said:
Where would you go to get a permit for nitrous oxide for your car?
On 03/18/04
Daniel Reisinger from WA said:
There is no law banning nitrous oxide inhalation in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington state, West Virginia, and Wyoming. In others it has a very light sentence. Some of those states it is illegal for minors to purchase it within state, so buy it off the internet from another state. Most internet retailers don't actually ask or check. Always say it's for making whip cream.
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