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Question: What is a moving violation?

Answer: A moving violation is when you are operating a vehicle and it is actually moving. This is different than receiving a parking ticket when your vehicle is not moving. Moving violations usually result in more expensive citations then non-moving violations.

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On 08/07/07
joe from CA said:
is driving with a expired license a moving violation
On 07/26/07
jan from IL said:
in the state of il,is driving with no insurance a moving violation?
On 06/21/07
Chris from CT said:
If i'm a passenger and I get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, is that a moving violation?
On 06/30/06
john from CA said:
can anybody tell me is driving with music too loud a moving violation?
On 05/27/04
Scott from SC said:
A "fix-it ticket has to issued to a moving vehicle, hensce the meanig of a moving violation. You cannot have faulty equipment on something that is not being driven.
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