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Question: Is it lawful for parents to charge rent before I am 18?

Answer: Yes, parents may charge their child rent for living premises before the child eighteen years old. While it may sound improper or unfair, such practice is governed by Arizona Law (Revised Statutes Chapter 10, which is landlord & tenant law, and parent & child law, including Arizona law governing child abuse (ARS ยง13-3623)).

Provided that the child has the means or ability to contribute to the costs of his own care and support, including costs for shelter, and provided that such contribution is reasonable, it would probably be acceptable to assess a child costs relating to rent. In the event that the child is unable or unwilling to pay rent to the parent(s), the parents may have remedies or discipline which they may seek or impose, which also must be reasonable and which may not amount to child abuse under the law.

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On 03/15/09
Nancy from MD said:
I live in Maryland does that law still apply here ? I'm 15 and my parents are charging me rent . ):
On 09/02/06
Devyn from AR said:
I do not think this is right either because we r not aloud to move out on our own until we r 18.So we should not have to pay rent.Well let me change that around if we r a bad child and cost r parents a lot of money due to damage ot somethin then i understand.my parents r not going to charge me bcause I am a good child.
On 06/21/05
janice from AZ said:
I think this law is just not right.like alot of people are saying, we don't have the choice to move out until we're 18, so we shouldn't have to pay.we should be able to enjoy our money we earn.until it is time for us to began paying rent.so thats my opion
On 04/29/05
Ray from AZ said:
I have a 16 year old step son that does not go to school and does not have a job and he does not help out around the house. He just sits around the house all day while I am at work. We have tried to get him to go to school or get a job but he just will not do anything. We are going to start charging him rent. I feel we should also be able to collect back rent that he does not pay due to him not having a job. This kind of law helps teens to learn the real world adult way of living.
On 12/06/04
Ken from AR said:
Welcome to the world of adulthood, the easy way. My son actually lived with me until he was 24, and he owned 4 pizzarias. The only reason it wasn't longer was that I retired on disability and moved out of state. I didn't charge him rent when he was not working, and I lent him money to help start his business. He never complained about paying a share of the rent (I was paying $1750 a month rent, mainly because I needed a larger apartment so he could live there.) I did it mainly to give him a sense of responsibility and to help him learn that the world won't just give you a living.
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