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    Stories - View Story: John's story

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    My name is john and im 17, i live in south carolina with my dad..ok heres the story. I recently dropped out of school because i made some bad choices the earlier part of the semester and my grades are irrecoverable. I know i messed up and i take responsibilty for that. Anyways,im going back to school in August because i want my diploma, i didnt quit because i was lazy i took a brief vacation to gather myself. well i have a job now i work full time at piggly wiggly. Prior to dropping out my father told me if i did that that i would have to pay for my own rent, water bill, light bill, car insurance, gas, everything i needed money for i would have to pay...and hes keeping me grounded while he is MAKING me stay here and pay him, so its like im paying to be punished.  i would like to move out of the house, but what i really wanna know is if it is legal for him to make me pay him me not being emancipated, im goin crazy, thanks!

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    On 05/06/09
    monica from TX said:
    my name is monica and i moved in with my da a year ago, well everything was ok until he basically chose his wife over me and now i want to move back in with my mother, can i do that legally at the age of 17?
    On 05/01/09
    ebz from AZ said:
    look if you dnt want to follow his rules then u shuld bounce. if u dnt wanna pay then stay in school. the only reason he is doin this is to teach you a lesson.:) he wants you to see how hard it is in the world with no education workin at the piggly wiggly. insted of being hard headed be glade that he isnt babyin you. everybody sayin its not fair wel...ya need to shhhh cuz it is. jus get ur diploma and I think he will be just fine. but get out & really live n the real world. you gon wish that u did get an education. im jus bein real. you almost grown and life aint no joke. relize tht. <3 Ebonie
    On 04/15/09
    J from Othr said:
    hi yes i was recenly arrested for have illegal drugs on my property there not mine they where there when i got the place isi conciter mine or is it consited "wild"
    On 02/17/09
    mandy from SC said:
    John, in the state of SC you can move out on your own at the age of 17. I know I did 13 years ago. Just letting you know.
    On 09/09/08
    ape from AL said:
    look it doesnt matter if its legal or illegal okay? u drop out of skool to hangin around and kno wat u were satyin w/ ur dad and i think u should pay up or either get out his house b/cuz u should accepted the consequences of UR ACTIONS!!!!!!!
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