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    Laws - View Law: INCORRIGIBLE

    Incorrigibility means the breaking of rules or laws that usually don’t apply to adults, behaving in a manner that that could endanger self or others, and refusing to obey the reasonable orders or directions of parents and guardians. Incorrigible actions include missing school, running away, and using tobacco and alcohol. (ARS 8-201). There are several possible outcomes for incorrigibility. These include being put on probation, having driving privileges suspended, paying fines for damages (sometimes called restitution) (ARS 8-323)

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    On 05/15/09
    Ace from AZ said:
    That is a load of crap, im from Phx Az, and I went to juvy when i was 15 when I got BEAT for trying to defend myself. They told me that it was disapline by any means nessecary, completly legal as long as there were no dislocated or broken bones!!!
    On 05/14/09
    April from AZ said:
    I am reading this post because a friend of mine has a 15 year girl who refuses to follow any rules. She has this idea that she can do what she pleases and I thought I would research the laws on the subject. I am finding that there are so many kids that complain about not getting along with their parents and all that and how they can take care of themselves and want to be emancipated; however about 95% of them can not even seem to make decent comprehensive sentences. This is a shame. My advice: be a kid, get a decent education while you can, and follow the rules until you're an ADULT!
    On 04/24/09
    Nicole from FL said:
    Any suggestions...My daughter will be 17 next wk. Very smart kid, used to do well in school. In the last yr she has been arrested for shoplifting 2x and for possessing alcohol (bottle of beer) while skipping school. She used to be a good kid. Now she sneaks out of the house. Has taken the car out at night(we now hide keys) Just found out that she has now stolen my debit card and skipped many days of school.She skipped today & we have no idea where she is. She isnt afraid of us. When we ground her she just doesnt come home from school or sneaks out. Where do we turn? We dont know what to do.
    On 04/21/09
    CJ from AZ said:
    My daughter has violated every rule in the home, curfew, talking back, smoking, etc. so i spanked her on the bottom a few times, she reported me to CPS. Now i have to get an assessment for my behavior. She get's what she wants: removed from my home to live with grandma, i feel CPS made her get her way in this entire situation. It is not fair. Any advice?
    On 03/29/09
    from AL said:
    Your son probably had a hard time at home before you was able to get him and im sure the place he was in was not any better.I would try and get as close to him as you can take him places with you play ball and when he breaks the rules give him 2 strikes and he gets put in his room for five min and each time you have to do that make the time longer in his room.When he does good reward him. being there and talking to him is really good for him help him open up he knows why he runs away.
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