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    Laws - View Law: INCORRIGIBLE

    Incorrigibility means the breaking of rules or laws that usually don’t apply to adults, behaving in a manner that that could endanger self or others, and refusing to obey the reasonable orders or directions of parents and guardians. Incorrigible actions include missing school, running away, and using tobacco and alcohol. (ARS 8-201). There are several possible outcomes for incorrigibility. These include being put on probation, having driving privileges suspended, paying fines for damages (sometimes called restitution) (ARS 8-323)

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    On 02/04/09
    Lexx from WA said:
    To Nootz who's from Az. You love your daughter and you want, whats best for her. So you gave her a tast of freedom. But the problems is you gave her too much. A laptop cellphone etc.. She's controlling you. Enough is enough you are the parent. When she dosen't listen, take away the things she loves and dont feel bad. Make her do her homework, read a book for an hour. Then give her some previleges using the labtop and cellphone usage. If she still acts up tell her your cutting off the cell phone and getting rid of the labtop untill she knows how to behave and give you the respect you deserve..
    On 01/24/09
    nootz from AZ said:
    I have a daughter who has been given everything. cellphone, labtop, pretty much anything she wants. It seems to never be enough and she treats me with such anger and hurtfulness that i get angry and want to slap her. then the words go ahead i will call the cops comes up. But if they heard the way she talks to me they would wonder why i haven't beaten her butt sooner. what do i do to gain the respect and love that I deserve and give to her all the time until she doesn't get her way? so confused and sad. She doesn't want to learn at school she has all the anwsers yet she is in special ed.help
    On 01/04/09
    Ian from PA said:
    Find her and force her to come home. You're well within your legal rights to find your daughter and take her home if she isn't emancipated. Back in the day when I tried to run away, my parents came out and dragged my butt back home and I didn't do that no more. To review: Find her. Get her. Bring her home. Lock the darn doors. disconnect the phones and break her cell phone (i'm serious, destroy it). Make sure she's well cared for and stuff. If she tries to go back to the boy (whom I'm assuming is a man of my age or higher), call the police on him.
    On 11/30/08
    didi from MI said:
    My 16 year old is pregnant, living house to house, and even though we're communicating as soon as I ask her to come home she hangs up. Her reasoning is are rules are unfair...rules like graduate high school get a job to have spending money over and beyond what we do for her. her baby's "daddy" is an alcholic felon and I would love to know what i can do to get her home until she's 18? We don't abuse her we just set realistic rules.
    On 10/18/08
    unsure from AZ said:
    i dont understand if your parents yell at you and your not happy at home, if your stressed out and you want to get away... why cant you go stay with friends or sumthing. im so unhapppy at home nobody listens, ive been to cousolerz and even she said they dont pay enough attention to me. i need someone to listen and help me out not call me a crybaby and call me crazy. i want to leave home so why cant i im going to be 18 in 7 months. im struggling as a senior in high schooll and my brothers and sisters hate me... i need to get out
    6 thru 10 of 74 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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