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Question: Is it legal for someone over the age of 18 to carry a bb gun (pistol) without any sort of permit as long as it is visible?


In general, a person may carry in public a weapon that is not concealed. There are exceptions, however.

One cannot carry a weapon into a school, into any public building or establishment, into any building which has signs prohibiting weapons, into a public event, into a polling place on the day of an election, or into a nuclear or hydroelectric generating station. (ARS 13-3102).

Also, a person may not carry a weapon if that person is a prohibited possessor.(ARS 13-3101(A)(6)(a) through 13-3101(A)(6)(e)). It is a class 4 felony for prohibited possessors to have a gun in their possession. Prohibited possessors are:

  1. persons convicted of a felony who have not had their right to carry reinstated by the court
  2. persons adjudicated as delinquent and who have not had their right to carry reinstated by the court (If the 18-year old was in trouble in juvenile court at any time, he should consult his attorney about getting his rights reinstated.)

  3. persons found to be a danger to self or others as defined in ARS section 36-540 and whose court ordered mental health treatment has not been terminated by court order
  4. persons serving time in any correction or detention facility,
  5. persons on probation for felonies or for domestic violence, on parole, on community supervision, on release from jail, on work furlough from jail, on house arrest, or other probation
  6. persons defined as prohibited possessors under federal law.

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On 02/17/09
casey! from AZ said:
good because I own a bb gun also, and I dont think its illegal to own a bb gun as long as its not concealed
On 07/07/05
wdb from AZ said:
I believe that you need to explore whether or not you were a juvenile at the time of the offense. If yes you need to petition the court of record for reinstatement of rights. If an adult you need to apply through the federal govt.
On 06/16/05
d from AZ said:
i was convicted for selling a dangerous drug. i completed parole & want my gun rights reinstated.how?
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