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Question: I am 16 years old and i live in pinetop, arizona. My question is, i want to move out of my mothers house because her and i cannot seem to get along anymore, however arizona does not accept the emancipation law, so basically my question to you would be, is there a way that i can move out of my house even though i am a minor?

Answer: No, you must stay with your mother until you are eighteen, unless you have her approval to move in with another adult. Nevertheless, she will still be legally responsible for your welfare until you reach 18.  You may want to consider family counseling if you think it would help ease tension in the home.

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On 12/30/08
court from FL said:
My mother is not a very good mother, and i dont say that because she just says not to me, or because she dosent give me what i want. she mentally abuses me on a daily basis and i called dcf but they didnt seem to care too much and all of my whitnesses have abandoned me i am miserable and my mother constantly moves me from place to place and i really like this school. I also have various non- transferable schollarships but she is selfish and she only thinks about who is going to support her lazy butt next. I just wanted to get my revised story out there to let every one know it could be worse.
On 12/29/08
Leah from AZ said:
i live in Arizona im 17 can i leave my house when i have 7 months to go till im 18? i have more then one person i can live with and i will still go to school.
On 06/26/08
nikole from MI said:
i am 14 i cant stand living with my mom. i would like to live with my dad. or divorce my parents and live with another relitive. what can or should i do? my mom refuses for me to go to court and live with my dad
On 05/15/08
Kristy from Othr said:

I am sixteen and me and my mother do not get along. i am not allowed to do any thing and it really puts alot of stress on me cause my mom always says no your not goin out just be like your sister but im still in school and i want to finish school but i feel i wont be able to if i stay living with her !

On 07/12/06
eric from IL said:
I am having a problem at home with the fighting. I am stressed out over it. I would like to move with my girlfriend because she is pregnant with my baby. Am I allowed to do that even if I am on probation? I just want to be the best dad and  not like mine.
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