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Question: I flicked a staple and hit my friend in the eye. After he went to the doctor he found out that it scratched his cornea and now his parents' lawyer has sent us a letter saying they want my Mom's homeowners insurance number to pay, but I don't think that will even cover all the costs. Can he sue us for our house, cars, etc. too? Thanks.

Answer: Your Mom's homeowners insurance will most likely cover all of the costs except for the deductible. Unless there is permanent damage to the eye, or some other extreme problem it will be a manageable amount and won't require the sale of your house or cars. He can't make your mom sell all of the stuff, he can simply get a judgment and try to collect the money.

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On 07/03/08
Vu from Othr said:
Wow, if i sued everyone who had ever casued me a soft tissue injury or broken bone or other ongoing ailment (especially as i play soccer), i would be a billionaire. There's nothing more annoying than people who sue for these things. That's what health insurance is for. And if you don't have health insurance i guess that is the peril of living in a country that does not look after its citizens. Uk / Australia = free hospital cover.
On 06/15/07
j from AZ said:
I had a laceration (worse than a scratch) of my cornea from a teenage boy flicking a playing card at me. His family did not have homeowners insurance and my family in the end chose not to sue... The homeowner's insurance is likely to cover the damage, it is possible though that they could chose to pursue punitive damages from your mother personally and in addition to what the insurance will pay. "Punitive" are fines meant to punish and if you are truly sorry and comitted to not doing such stupid it might go over better.
On 05/01/06
elener from WV said:
i agree it's your fault u flicked it and what kind of friend are you flicking staples any way ?
On 04/06/06
CHERRY from KY said:
mmmmmmm.... well that is pretty hard but still dont flick staples! they hurt real bad! in the end everything will be alright! God bless u and your family!
On 10/27/05
mhmmmm from MA said:
wow. dont flick staples. they're deadly.
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