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Question: While working in science class I flicked a staple and hit my friend in the eye. Afterwards he went to the doctor he found out that it scratched his cornea. He needed surgery and has permanent damage and now his parents' lawyer has sent us a letter saying they want my Mom's homeowners insurance number to pay, but I don't think that will even cover all the costs. Can he sue us for our house, cars, etc. too? We're very worried now. Thanks.

Answer: First of all, if it happened in science class at school it is not a homeowner's insurance issue. Homeowner's insurance covers accidents that occur on your property. Secondly, this question sounds awfully familiar, did it happen at school, or at home? Tell your mom to get a lawyer. He can't take everything you own. QUIT FLICKING STAPLES.

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On 02/01/06
alex from NC said:
this sounds a bit too much like the other story!!
On 01/11/06
Brandon from AZ said:
wouldnt be the schools responsibility also if it wasnt intentionally
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