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Question: Someone put pictures of kids having sex on the net that I downloaded to my computer. Is that a crime?


Yes. A person commits sexual exploitation of a minor by knowingly possessing any visual depiction in which a minor is engaged in exploitative exhibition or other sexual conduct (or by duplicating, electronically transmitting, or exchanging the depiction) (ARS §13-3553). It is a felony.

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On 09/28/08
Mary from CT said:
People shouldnt even put any pictures of the sort on the internet anyway, its disgusting and anyone at any age could see things like this! its indecent.
On 06/24/08
UKMN from NE said:
A miner looking at a miner should be allowed.
On 02/19/08
Johny from MS said:

A minor looking at a minor should be alright a legal adult looking at a minor throw that person for life!

On 09/21/07
briana from AL said:
that's the truth it's pretty nasty but, some people want to see stuff like that and i think those people are perverts.
On 09/01/07
Devin from AZ said:
First of all people shouldn't have the ability to put nude photos of children on the internet and second it is just plane wrong and disgusting. It takes a low life scum to pull that move and who ever post it or views it should have the same consequences. 15 years to life with no chance of paroll.
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