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Question: If my boyfriend is over 18 can my Mom put a restraining order on him? Would that be in the Supreme court files, or public information? Does he have to be served personally or can it just be sent in the mail?


Short answer to your question – yes, if you are under 18, your mom could try to put a restraining order on your boyfriend preventing him from contacting your mother or you.  If you are over 18 then the order could be only between your boyfriend and your mother. Yes, he would need to be personally served at some point, but not initially.

Typically, a restraining order may order the boyfriend to stay a certain distance from you, or it may prohibit him from contacting, harassing, menacing, endangering, or in any way bothering you. In most states, you can obtain an order by going to court (often the family court or criminal court). Police Officers are also frequently contacted regarding these orders & can assist with filling them out & getting them served.


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On 12/12/06
Jonathan from AZ said:
i am 18 and my girl friend is 17. her parents are saying that they will put a order of protection on her against me... dont they need a reason
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