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Question: If I get my juvenile record expunged, can I then state the crime wasn't committed -(for example: on an application)?; If not, what good is it to expunge them?

Answer: Be careful with this topic! A crime can be erased from your file's history [or taken off of your 'record'], but a specific act you have taken cannot be erased from your own history. Once you commit an ACT [in your example, a crime], you can never erase that ACT from your past [in your example, say that you did not commit a crime]. HOWEVER, when your file is 'expunged', you will no longer have a record of your crime in your file.

Arizona Law (A.R.S. § 8-349) states the rule on how to destroy a juvenile's court records, or 'expunging' one's file. If you satisfy all of the requirements of this Law [be at least 19 years of age, not have been convicted of a felony offense, there are no criminal charges pending, and completing all of the terms and conditions of court ordered probation] then you could get your file erased. What this means is you have no criminal history - so when you are filling out an application and you get to a question on your criminal history - you can honestly say that you don't have a criminal history. [Many times the question is phrased around the commission of a crime as an adult, in any event.] 'Expunging' is a benefit, then, because it allows you to clean up your criminal past and start fresh without a criminal past.

When someone asks you if you've committed a crime, you can answer that you have no criminal history. That would be true. But again - the actual act never disappears.

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On 03/31/04
Kristine from PA said:
I was charged with criminal mischief in my early 20's. I'm now 38. Can I have this expunged or is that just for persons 18 and under?
On 01/14/04
Ms Lee from FL said:
I am 24 and I got into some trouble when I was 16, I completed a program that was offered to juviniles at that time which clearly states because I completed the program successfully I was not convicted of anything...But yet and still it is showing up on my record... Could you please enlighten me on this matter I need some advise....
On 09/26/02
DPD from MI said:
You can get things taken off your record but the courts will have it on file.It just that it won't have any public record on that your record will be clean for the public review not for the courts.
On 08/09/02
ronny from TX said:
i was arrested for theft. i filed defer judification. did my probation. how can i get this off my record?
On 01/23/02
esmeralda from CA said:
how about if you just got fined for petty theft within the last year, and you paid the fine, and you went to a required class needed in order for you to expunge your crime commited from your record when you are 18. when you fill out an application for work, when they ask if you have been convicted of a crime, can you say no since your crime will be erased from your record in the future?
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