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Question: What is the punishment for a class two felony "Theft"?

Answer: Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS 13-701) sets the recommended prison sentence for a first offense for a Class 2 felony at five years.

To be considered a Class 2 felony, the value of the property stolen would be greater than $25,000 (ARS 13-1802).

If the convicted criminal has prior convictions, the sentence jumps up to 9 1/4 years with a maximum of 18 1/2 years (ARS 13-604).

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On 11/18/06
Andrew from AZ said:
Hi Jason from AZ, I am from AZ too. I turned myself into the Police yesterday and Detective Jorge said I had committed a class 2 Felony. I committed Credit Card Fraud etc in Highschool between 93 and 97. I guess the statuete of limitations is only 7 years so that got me off the hook for now. I am glad I seem to have escaped immediate punishment, but I will do my best to make right what I did wrong. I would be interested to hear more about the restitution you have to do. Most people don't have $100,000+ dollars laying around. Take care Andrew
On 03/04/04
Jason from AZ said:
I pled guilty to a class 3 felony that was a class 2, for a botched theft charge that spanned over a few years and ple bargined to 1-year county jail with Joe Arpio Work Furlough and full restitution of $122,500 and 10 years probation. I was faceing min. 7.5yrs min to 21yrs in D.O.C.. P.S. Know your stuff before you do anything.
On 03/03/04
Chris from KY said:
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