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Here's where I sleep. This is my room. It's really small and you're locked in here by yourself at night. You can see how I said that there is no privacy, there's a glass window which lets staff look in on what I'm doing all the time. There's my toilet, here's my bed… the mattress looks thin and that's just cement under it, but I seem to have no problem going to sleep on it every night. And way up there is my window… it lets light in during the day, but I can't actually see out of it since it's up there so high. Depending on what color shirt you have, you have to go to bed at 7pm at the earliest or 10pm at the latest. There really isn't solitary confinement like in the movies here, but if you cause trouble or disobey the rules, you can get confined to your room for a whole day or more. And that's no fun at all.

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