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Question: If I got busted with weed what the worse that could happen?


If you are prosecuted in juvenile court, you can be placed on probation or sent to the Department of Juvenile Corrections up to your 18th birthday, and your driver's license would be suspended until your 18th birthday. It can leave a felony on your record, which may affect your later ability to get scholarships, federal benefits like welfare or public housing assistance, or jobs requiring security clearance. The military also has strict rules about accepting candidates with drug histories. You may be unable to enlist unless the branch you select thinks enough time has passed that you are no longer high risk to abuse substances again.

If you are prosecuted as an adult, the court must place you on probation and require that you attend substance abuse counseling. It can leave you with a felony record, which has many of the same consequences as those listed above. If you reject probation, you can be required to serve time.

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On 07/01/07
anony from AL said:
the only reason weed isnt legal is because the government cant make money off of it. it is far less harmful to you than tabacco and it can not kill you through an overdose as can alcohal. unlike tabacco however, weed can be easily grown in the safety of ones home, so the government would just be letting people get high at no benifet to them. basically, the government dosent legalize anything unless it is going to help them.
On 01/30/07
Raven from PA said:
ok. I have ready everyone's comments and I just had to say something. Marijuana will hurt you only if you let it. It's the same with alcohol or any other substance that can be either physically or mentally addictive. I know everyone out there thinks that marijuana isn't addictive. I know for a fact that not only is it mentally addictive, but also physically. You can choose to believe it or not. That's your choice. They need to legalize weed but with restrictions, just like alcohol. Don't drive and smoke. Buy it legally. Do it in the privacy of your own home. Keep your smoke private.
On 12/15/06
Aomas from AS said:
The ONLY reason marijuana is illegal is because of harsh false campaigning in the past that was financed by the moguls in the timber industry. Used for industrial purposes, cannabis (called "hemp" in this context) can produce much more paper than timber in the same amount of land. William Randolph Hearst pushed for its criminalization because it could have made his already-established acres of timber useless. It's a tragedy of human justice and needs to be righted at once. Alcohol is much more dangerous than cannabis, and that's a fact. No one has died from cannabis use alone. Look it up!
On 11/21/06
Jordan from CA said:
 Marijuana laws in California also are not as strict. In my case i was sentenced to 6 sessions of rehab, and lost my license for 2 months. I also had to pay a 100 dollar fine, that is the most that they can charge for an underage/ possesion of less than an oz of marijuana ticket
On 11/03/06
sam from AZ said:
i was caght with 20 dollar worth of marijuana at my high school but i did not have any intentions of selling it what will happen
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